Update on planned move to Lockwood Park

Wednesday, 14 February 2024 by Elizabeth Greensides

I am writing to you as I believe the members need an update on progress. I was holding on slightly as I wanted to pass on more definite news, but these are complicated matters and with Trusts, Committees, Architects, Builders, Estate Agents and Solicitors all involved to some extent, nothing moves quickly. I have therefore decided to pass on as much as I can now.


From the end of last year, the committee divided itself into several subgroups to address the different aspects of leaving Cambridge Road and moving to Lockwood.


Ian and Pat will be putting in place some additional financial governance and control of spending to ensure the club and individuals are protected both now and for the foreseeable future.


Liz is in charge of communication and publicity about the new club as well as running a cleaning crew of volunteers who have already commenced a tidy up of Cambridge Road.


David is ensuring the club sessions continue to run smoothly resolving I.T., tablet and scoring issues as they occur so we can continue to play bridge normally.


Carrie and I have had several meetings at Lockwood to decide on the layout of the new bridge club, working within the dimensions of the space on offer and this is pretty much decided in concept. We will have the same functional space that we use now i.e. a playing area, a teaching area, a social space as well as a kitchen, toilets and storage. The fine detail of plug sockets, internet connections and where to store different items is still required. What we won’t have of course is steps to enter the building or to reach the playing area, nor will we have cellars, attics and unnecessary spaces to heat and light.


Katie and I have also commenced negotiations with Lockwood Trust ( the owner of the building is actually called “The Leonard Cowburn Memorial Trust”) on what this will cost us and on the sale of our property. As rental spaces are costed on the number of square footages being used, this stage had to follow the design phase. It is also based on a number of other factors including what building work is required, supply and demand in the area and what is included in the lease and at what level e.g. service charge, Vat etc etc


Any final agreement is also based on what the occupier can afford to pay and as you know in our case this is linked to the selling price of our current property. We have received two offers from developers for Cambridge Road and yesterday the committee agreed to accept the better of these two offers. The committee members will not discuss the value of this offer at this stage so please do not ask them.

We are also taking professional advice about any Capital Gains Tax and VAT implications.


As none of the figures discussed are agreed in writing with contractual obligations, but clearly have an influence on each other, we will not be putting financial numbers in the public domain until this whole move is resolved.


At the end of last year, you overwhelmingly voted for this move to happen or to allow the committee to decide and we will continue to move forward ensuring the best outcome for Huddersfield Bridge club and its members is achieved. We will not be putting the club into any financial commitment that threatens the viability of Huddersfield Bridge Club now or for the foreseeable future. The financial numbers have to add up for us to make this move.


I will update you again as soon as possible. This will include a layout drawing of the new club once the cost is agreed.