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  • Masterpoints Promotions

    Congratulations to the following members who have achieved Masterpoints promotions: Helen Nightingale 1 Star MasterMichael Woodward County MasterPatricia Adams Area MasterAnil Aggarwal District MasterPhilip Sykes District MasterMartin MurgatroydLocal Master read more...
    Tuesday, 09 July 2024 by Michael Robertson
  • Both Bridge and Football on Wednesday 10th July

    Huddersfield Bridge Club will be open as normal on the evening of Wednesday 10th July despite England (somehow!) making their way to the Euros Semi-Final. Carrie is happy to be the Technical Director for the evening and Brian will be in attendance as the "SPARE" too, so you don't need a partner to play. Therefore if one of you wants to watch football and the other wants to play Bridge - no problem. No happiness or successful outcome guaranteed for either one of course! We will happily observe a... read more...
    Sunday, 07 July 2024 by Michael Robertson
  • Bridge and Football

    I know that we have some football fans within the regular bridge attendees and that when an important match clashes with a playing session that leads to a dilemma between enduring another England display for example or enjoying a lovely session of Bridge with your wonderful partner. To help solve that conundrum... read more...
    Saturday, 22 June 2024 by Michael Robertson

    Congratulations to the following members who have achieved landmark masterpoint promotions this month: Lesley Spencer - County Master Peter Clemenson - County Master Neil Tinker - Local Master Joe Drake - Local Master Well done all! read more...
    Wednesday, 12 June 2024 by Elizabeth Greensides
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