Tuesday, 20 February 2024 by Michael Robertson

The Yorkshire League resumed this weekend, and the winter break has done Huddersfield Bridge Club no favours at all as no team managed a win on their return to action.


To be fair we were stretched for players across 4 teams and thank you to everyone who stepped up to play with lots of alternative activities going on this weekend.


The D Team travelled to Keighley E and were beaten 15-5.

Also unsuccessful on their travels were Huddersfield B who suffered their first defeat of the season 19-1, at Wakefield B.


The A Team and C Team were at home to Keighley C and Doncaster C.


The C team in a mammoth match eventually lost 18-2 finishing in the wee small hours ( a slight exaggeration!). I am saving the best to last as the A team in a topsy turvy match, came from behind in the last round to draw exactly 10-10.


Special thank you also to Pearl Murphy who volunteered to help with the teas.

If only she knew how to play bridge, we could have squeezed her into a team! 😊