Bridge and Football

Saturday, 22 June 2024 by Michael Robertson

I know that we have some football fans within the regular bridge attendees and that when an important match clashes with a playing session that leads to a dilemma between enduring another England display for example or enjoying a lovely session of Bridge with your wonderful partner.

To help solve that conundrum and allow you to enjoy/endure both (delete as appropriate) we will impose a football news blackout at all bridge sessions while a game is on until the end of the tournament in mid-July.

This will allow members to record the football and watch “as live” when they get home. It also allows the fantastic facility of using the fast forward button if the game merits it.

Other news concerning the weather, holiday plans, tomato growing, lunch recommendations or the cricket is permissible.

If you do want to follow the score on your phone, please just keep the information to yourself.

Thank you very much and look forward to seeing you at your usual session.