Teams Results, 19th November

Monday, 20 November 2023 by Elizabeth Greensides

Teams Results          


Yesterday saw the third round of fixtures in the Yorkshire League.


Our A Team was joined at Harrogate by our C Team in a double header (as the Americans say) against the hosts.


The A Team lost 12- 8 (v Harrogate B) despite a valiant attempt to pull it out of the fire by Carrie and Colin in the last round, when Colin bid and made a Grand Slam. Carrie hopes her bitten nails will grow back before the next round of fixtures. The C Team fought out a winning draw 10-10 (v Harrogate D) as they actually finished a couple of imps ahead (by Imps I don’t mean Linda and Val who managed to squeeze in a visit to Waitrose before the match).


Top praise is reserved for the B Team who went to York and now have three wins out of three (13-7 v York D). I hope Marco’s credit card wasn’t too damaged by him leaving his wife shopping in York while he played.


The D Team now have some points on the board too, after a 17-3 defeat away to Keighley D.


The last round of fixtures before the winter break come around quickly on Sunday December 3rd with three teams at home.