News from Oliver Cowan

Saturday, 25 November 2023 by Elizabeth Greensides

Relaxed Bridge Breaks

Oliver is aiming to discover if bridge players would be interested in a relaxed bridge break as opposed to a more formal congress. If you are interested, please contact Oliver Cowan to answer the following questions: ([email protected])

1. Would you prefer Midweek or Weekend? 


2. Would you be like teaching included either daily or on 1 or 2 occasions throughout the break, in the form of a seminar, or would you just want duplicate bridge sessions?

3. Would you want bridge morning, afternoon and evening or just 2 of those sessions?

4. Where do you live and how far would you be prepared to travel?

5. Would you like a full program of bridge or time for excursions? These may be planned excursions or outings like shopping trip you arrange for yourself in free time?

6. Would you prefer a seaside, countryside or town centre venue?

7. Anything else important to you that you feel should be considered?

Oliver will update us once he has found some answers!